High-altitude mountaineering course on Mont Blanc

High-altitude mountaineering is an extremely gratifying discipline that almost everyone can practice, but it requires technical skills and physical training, in addition to a deep knowledge of the high mountain environment, weather and terrain conditions.

The high-altitude mountain is the realm of mountaineering with the capital "M", where the enchanting magnificence of the natural environment is the prize for the hard ascents in the rarefied air at 4000 metres a.s.l.

The mountaineering course on Mont Blanc is aimed at people that already have some experience in the climbing and mountaineering disciplines behind them. It consists of a three-day stay in Chamonix, a traditional mountain village in France, at the foot of Mont Blanc, that will be the starting point of high-altitude mountaineering excursions ranked up to level IV+ of difficulty, across glaciers, snow and mixed terrain.

Information about the high-altitude mountaineering course on Mont Blanc

The high-altitude mountaineering course on Mont Blanc is devised to offer a gradual and conscious approach to this discipline. It provides the theory and skill set needed to learn the correct use of the equipment, the specific techniques to use crampons on ice and rocks, the ascent and descent mountaineering techniques, the fundamental safety measures on the different terrains, the rope team progression on glacier and the use of fast climbing protections on granite.

The high-altitude mountaineering course is held by a Dolomiti SkiRock Mountain Guide and takes place on the wonderful Mont Blanc glaciers and crests covered with snow.

The course lasts three days and is aimed both at individuals and groups.

Topics covered during the high-altitude mountaineering course:

First day
Vallée Blanche glacier

  • Ascent and descent techniques using crampons on ice and rocks, how to safely cross crevasses
  • Rope team progression techniques on glaciers, roping systems
  • Choice of the most suitable technical equipment for every type of terrain
  • Self-rescue manoeuvres in case of fall into a crevasse, crevasse rescue of the climbing partner
  • How to control and stop any possible slip
  • Environmental assessment, choice and planning of the ascent and descent itineraries
  • How to read the topographic maps and use the GPS

Second day
You will descend on the glacier of the Aiguille du Midì and then ascend to the Refuge Des Cosmiques (3613 metres). From there, the itinerary continues with the ascent of the crest "Arête des Cosmiques", one of the most renowned and popular ascents on the Mont Blanc massif. Perfect granite and exposure, incredible landscapes and mixed terrain on a climbing route of average difficulty: these are the features of this beautiful crest, just a few steps away from the Aguille du Midi cable car. The arrival point of the itinerary is exactly on the cable car terrace.

  • Progression techniques on mixed terrain
  • Use of the fast protection devices "nuts and friends"
  • Rock climbing with crampons

Third day
Refuge Cosmiques, Rifugio Torino - Helbronner Peak traverse. From the refuge, the itinerary descends to the Col du Midi and then reaches the Col du Gros Rognon. You have to descend on the vast glacier to reach the bottom of the "Pic Adolphe Rey", then ascend the "Aiguille de Toule" where the itinerary continues across the crevasses towards "Pointe Helbronner" and, from there, finally reaches the Rifugio Torino. This route offers the chance to practice all the progression on glaciers, cartography and GPS techniques, as it stretches along the bottom of the majestic rock faces and "coluoirs" that descend from the top of Mont Blanc du Tacul. At the end of the excursion, you will come back on the cable car Panoramic Mont-Blanc and then reach Chamonix on a further cable car.

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