Andrea Fusari

Aspirante Guida Alpina

"All the most important decisions of my life have been in some way affected by mountains, understood as a dimension in which to live and be. The decision to become a mountain guide was a natural consequence of an existing attraction since the first years of my life.

The most rewarding part of our job is to see the satisfaction and joy in the eyes of those who decide to "bind" our rope after a day on the mountain, on the skis or with the climbing shoes worn. I started attending the savage Julian Alps and the Dolomites in my father's shoulder, inside thebackpack: I could not even walk.

As soon as it was possible, I found me with a pair of white little plastic skis and perhaps this is the earliest memory that my mind comes in and certainly the first linked to the world of snow, element that inspired me to live definitely in the mountains .

The woods, the peaks, walls, snow ... have always aroused to me curiosity and fascination, making me find out the Mountain dimension during my youth.

After that I had very good friends, older than me, that directed me towards mountaineering in its various forms: from rock climbing to sport climbing, from ice climbing to ski touring, always sending me that important sense of respect and humility towards the mountains.


After a degree in environmental sciences with specialization in snow science, I got the title of aspiring mountain guide in 2014: since then I dedicate myself with passion and constancy in this profession in the Dolomites, in the Julian Alps and in the entire Alps.

As Mountain Guide I have set me to be able to transmit to the people they "bind" to me the passion and culture of the mountain, going beyond the pure technical movements by discovering (or rediscovering), with fun, that sense of respect and curiosity of the mountains.

I consider alpinism in all its forms an "excuse" to travel and discover different cultures, near and distant, snowy such as Greenland or rocky valley as Berber Moroccan Atlas."


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